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The New Book By

Author of 'Living In Between Sundays' And 'Churchified Or Sanctified?'

The Other Side Of Salvation

Avoiding The Deception Of Unsaved Christianity

Across the United States, throughout the world, and more importantly, in your own local church, there are those that may not be who they seem to be. On any Sunday, you could find yourself sitting beside one of them. They may sing, dance, and even shout ‘Amen!’ louder than anyone—however something is amiss. We speak of the unsaved Christian. Properly defined, an unsaved Christian is an individual who believes—beyond any shadow of a doubt on their part that they are saved; they attend church, they pray, they read their Bible--at least on Sundays--and they may be involved in ministry. Some of them preach, some teach Sunday School, some of them are in the choir, play an instrument, or are a part of the worship team. Some are ushers, and some claim to be prophets and evangelists. The unsaved Christian of which we speak, is not trying to pull you in to deceive you into thinking that they are who they are claiming to be--that would be hypocritical. On the contrary, the unsaved Christian truly believes that they are saved--only they don’t know that they are actually living on the other side of salvation--meaning that they are not saved at all. This book will journey into the plight of the unsaved Christian, and the terrible predicament they are in. We’ll define them further, and see how they got there, how they remain there, and learn about the only way out. We’ll also take a closer look at the need to ‘unblur’ the line between those that are saved, and those who are not, and see the need to get the gospel right. I invite you to come along as we look at salvation throughout and see what it means to be saved. It is my prayer that we all look in the mirror, and examine ourselves, whether we be in the faith, and that by doing so, we are found on the right side of salvation, giving glory to God. 

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Michael Jakes is a Bible teacher, and avid writer. He has authored three books, 'The Lights In The Windows', 'Churchified Or Sanctified', and, 'Living In Between Sundays'. He holds both a Masters and a Doctorate degree in Theology from the International Theological Seminary of California, in addition to studying New Testament Greek at The New York School of the Bible, and Systematic Theology at LHBI. He has also served as a Chaplain at the former United Missions International Outreach, Inc.

Michael is the founder, along with his wife, of That's The Word! Ministries, an online preaching and teaching ministry dedicated to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the former host of 'The Bible Speaks' a daily live television program. He currently hosts several live podcasts online each week, including: 'The Sunday Sermon Series', 'The Bible Speaks Live!', and 'The Cutting It Right Bible Study'.

A lifelong Brooklyn, New York resident, Michael and his wife of over forty years, continue to minister in various capacities, including Christian Education, and Youth Ministry.  You can visit the ministry's website at

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