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Author of 'The Lights In The Windows' And 'Churchified Or Sanctified?'

The Cross life is a life lived with an ever-increasing awareness and appreciation for Christ and His finished work on our behalf. This awareness and appreciation is most keenly realized as we gather together on Sunday mornings. We sing, we worship, we praise, and most importantly we hear the Word. We leave God's house rejoicing, and then--boom! Like an avalanche, at times, the realities of this life come upon us and the glories of Sunday morning become all but a distant memory; 'What did the pastor speak about on Sunday anyway?' Trying to live off of Sunday's glory will leave you exhausted; there are six days in between that must be lived out. As believers, how do we maintain a 'Cross-life attitude' in the face of trials, tests and struggles? Proper faith? Absolutely. But proper faith needs to propel proper sight, and a proper attitude. In the new book by Michael Jakes, you will find practical inspiration that will encourage you to keep Christ at the forefront your life, dealing with many of the issues that confront us all, holding on to the truth that 'Christ is our life' (Colossians 3:4). 

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Living In Between Sundays

Practical Keys To Living The Cross Life Every Single Day
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Michael Jakes is an Associate Pastor, Bible teacher, and avid writer. He has authored two books, 'The Lights In The Windows', and Churchified Or Sanctified'. He holds both a Masters and a Doctorate degree in Theology from the International Theological Seminary of California, in addition to studying New Testament Greek at The New York School of the Bible, and Systematic Theology at LHBI. He has also served as a Chaplain at the former United Missions International Outreach, Inc.

Michael is the founder, along with his wife, of That's The Word! Ministries, an online preaching and teaching ministry dedicated to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the former host of 'The Bible Speaks' a daily live television program. He currently hosts several live podcasts online each week, including: 'The Sunday Sermon Series' The Bible Speaks Live!', and 'The Cutting It Right Bible Study'.

A lifelong Brooklyn, New York resident, Michael and his wife of over forty years, continue to minister in various capacities, including Christian Education, and Youth Ministry.  You can visit the ministry's website at

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